About Us

Focused on bringing trust back into the legal profession.


The Mission

Sandstrum Law is focused on bringing trust back into the legal profession through transparency, efficiency, value-driven results, and clarity of purpose.

Many law firms frequently forget that simple and practical approaches to resolving their clients’ issues are more often than not the right way forward. Sandstrum Law seeks to first understand the client’s needs and priorities, and only then does it design and pursue a tailored approach to solving client concerns. Building long-term relationships with our clients is the foundation of our firm.

The Firm

Sandstrum Law, our LLC, has offices in Denver, as well as Orange County, California. Our practice focuses on small to medium size businesses who require a wide range of transactional and business litigation solutions. The firm also serves individual clients with a variety of legal needs.

Sandstrum Law has developed a trusted network of professionals with top-notch expertise in personal & business banking, certified public accountancy, bookkeeping, financial services, construction, wealth management, and many other industries. Our firm routinely provides outside referrals to our clients who seek assistance with growing or improving their business. So if you only need a sound referral to meet your needs, Sandstrum Law is happy to help.

*Sandstrum Law firm is not affiliated with any referral sources nor has any any referral or similar agreement with any referral source.