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College tuition is and has been out of control for quite some time.  This impacts our kids and parents who are fortunate enough to have the financial means to pay for the cost of college, including room and board, books, meals, etc. 

Why does Federal, State and Local government consistently ignore the desperate impact imposed on our young adults and their parent’s causes by outrageous college costs?  This is a major problem. The politicians raise the issue but only collaterally when it is tied to another sought after agenda. This problem needs immediate debate, new ideas and proposed solutions.  The media says that employers are having a hard time finding “qualified” employees.  This will only get worse if the government doesn’t start using its resources to fix or revamp they system. Colleges and Universities constantly engage in wasteful spending without audit oversight. If even the wasteful or needless spending was put in check student (or parent) debt would sharply decrease, and we would have qualified employees whose debt at an early age greatly mitigated.  Let’s get a social media petition call to action.  See the below link for more information.  

Trends in College Pricing provides information on changes over time in undergraduate tuition and fees, room and board, and other estimated expenses related to attending colleges and universities. Trends in College Pricing