In Business Law

Whether you’re just starting, expanding your business, or running a major corporation, you’re always going to need legal advice. Legal advice in business is par for the course, and it has nothing to do with having done anything wrong. It’s a misconception that if you run an honest business you shouldn’t run into problems. However, to make sure that you’re always on the right side of the law, you’ll need to get some legal advice. Much of what we do at Sandstrum is preventative legal advice so that you won’t run into legal disputes in the future.

Preventative legal services

Just like healthcare, preventative legal advice is going to save you money in the long run. Having a lawyer who specializes in business and corporate law can help you set up your business dealings so that you won’t run into legal trouble. Also making sure you are well protected, in case someone does try to sue.

Business and Corporate law services

Law services needed for businesses and corporations are extensive. At Sandstrum Law, we want to cover all the bases for any client to help them avoid the most common legal problems, protecting your interests. We can assist with contracts, hiring, manufacturing, and sales.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When you join forces, merge, or blend companies, you want to make sure that all parties are in compliance and agreement. We can help you with all the intricate details of mergers and acquisitions from preparing the sale or the purchase, negotiations, strategies, and anything else that may come up in the interim.

Denver Sunset

Protect every area of your Colorado business or corporation.

Employment law

One major area of business is hiring the right employees and making sure both you and they are protected. That includes hiring contracts, NDAs, and any wrongful termination disagreements that can arise.

General counsel

We also offer general counsel and other services, like commercial real estate and construction, franchise and licensing, and business litigation. Another area that we specialize in is helping entrepreneurs break into the marijuana industry.

For legal services to protect your business dealings in Colorado, contact Sandstrum Law.