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Sandstrum Law wins home run ruling with back-pay (past salary) as damages against a very large funded Colorado State agency.  This State agency, in our opinion, and as confirmed by an Administrative Law Judge, wholly disregarded its own rules as well as State and Federal Disability laws – arising out of Parkinson’s disease.  Now the agency is attempting to appeal the initial decision of the Judge to further outspend a twenty year loyal employee of the State, at 59 years.   

The current set of laws allow the Attorney’s General office to spend tax payer’s money,  without seemingly no apparent accountability, to essentially “beat down”  a loyal and well performing employee of the State by means of outspending without engaging in common sense and without admitting clear disability discrimination or working with the employee as a compassionate employer.  This is why, in our opinion, the current set of state laws, which presently prohibit a State employee from recovering additional damages, other than back salary, and attorney’s, should the employee prevail/win, is set to change starting in 2015. In 2015 a prevailing employee will have a procedure for recovering additional damages and to recover prevailing party attorney’s fees.  The current set of laws and rules condone this type of “bullying” behavior by the State’s Attorney’s General Office.